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Five Reasons Why Luxury Yacht Rentals Are Expensive

Everyone knows that a yacht is a luxurious means of transportation. However, there are special luxury yachts. As you've probably guessed, they are even more expensive than "normal" yachts. But why? And what's the difference?

How to Choose a Monthly Car Rental Provider

Monthly car rentals are better than having to buy a car that you’ll use for a limited amount of time. Why buy a car when you can get a month-long rented car to explore Dubai?

Don’t Let Time Limit You: a Safari Will Last for as Long as You are Available

Dubai mornings should not be boring. And one way to ensure that you take maximum advantage of your vacation is through a morning desert Safari. Enjoy a trip around the desert and get amazing photos of the desert sun as it rises.

How to know that your teeth are in good hands

What are the telltale signs of a good dental clinic as well as an exceptional dentist? This may feel a little overwhelming when you’re searching for the right dentist, but with a little instruction, you’ll soon realize that this task isn’t too difficult. Consider the following two-step guide to identify whom to trust with your teeth.

5 most common symptoms of cataract disease

Although cataract disease is usually caused by old age, various lifestyle habits or even conditions such as high blood sugar and exposure to excess amounts of radiation can lead to cataract problems. Almost 40 million people all over the world have this condition

What to expect during and after breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical process that tends to increase the fullness, shape, and size of the breast. There are different procedures used when performing this type of surgery. But the most effective method is the “Dual Plane” procedure. Find out more about the surgery process, risk factors, and recovery period for breast augmentation.

Imperative points to consider as an Arab fashion designer

Arab fashion world has been pleasantly surprising fashion lovers for so many years now. Successful and struggling designers have created some amazingly fabulous couture designs that have a left a certain mark on the trends. However, there are useful tips which need to be kept in consideration in order to become acclaimed and prominent in the local/international market.