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5 most common symptoms of cataract disease

Cataract can be easily detected and treated by consulting a cataract specialist. If you are unsure about whether you have cataract disease or not, here are 5 symptoms that are common to cataract disease:

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  1. The glare of bright lights can be painful to people with cataract, as light sensitivity is a common symptom of the same. So, if it hurts every time you look at a bright source of light, then you probably have a cataract developing at the back of your eye lens.
  1. The clouding of the eye lens can cause light to diffract from the surface, causing halos to appear around light sources. Rings around every light source, sometimes in a range of different colors, can make driving very difficult.
  1. If you have to change your glasses and contact lenses frequently, needing stronger and stronger varieties each time, it is probably because the cataract is affecting your vision. You should consult your doctor as soon as possible to know whether your weakening eyesight is the result of a cataract or some other eye condition.
  1. Once the cataracts are fully formed, the clumps of accumulated protein turn yellow or brownish. This causes almost all the light entering your eye to turn yellowish. So, if things start turning yellow all of a sudden, then it is probably because of your developing cataract.

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  1. Cataracts also affect your vision at night. You will have trouble driving and other night-time activities. If left untreated, it can almost take away all your vision at night, so you must be very careful and get your cataract removed as soon as possible.


Cataracts can compromise your vision to a significant degree. Injury, medications and genetic conditions can cause a cataract to set in at a very young age as well, so it is not always old age that causes it. There are many corrective surgeries available for the removal of cataract, so it has become a lot easier to get rid of this condition in today’s day and age. Consult your doctor about this condition to know whether the changes in your vision is the result of cataract or some other eye problem.