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They say, a hair color is able to change a life style. However, it is not easy to decide, what color is the best option for a particular person. The new hair color is meant to reflect your character and mood, so it is important to identify the right hair color concept in order to feel comfortable, confident and peaceful with a new image.

There are four appearance types, according to one of the beauty theories: summer, autumn, winter and spring. Using this simple beauty concept, you can easily find the perfect image solution.

4 types of female appearance

If you have pale complexion or olive skin and blond or light – brown hair, you represent the summer type. For you all the ash hair colors will be perfect. It is important for such appearance type to use cold and faded colors and not to apply bright and warm palette.

Summer type

You belong to the winter type if your skin is porcelain white or olive pale without blush, hair are brown or dark-brown and eyes are bright grey, blue or brown. It is recommended to apply minor changes to the winter appearance representatives. This type is naturally bright and contrasting, so only transparent, light hair dyes are acceptable.

Winter type

If your complexion is transparent or ivory with the bronzy tint, the hair is fair or wheat, your eyes are green, blue or hazelnut, you represent the spring type. It is important to keep the harmony in such a tender appearance type. Our specialists will offer warm, honey, creamy and caramel hair colors.

Spring type

You represent the autumn type if your skin is freckled, pale, with a little peach blush. Eyes usually have amber, hazelnut, turquoise, green or blue color. For the autumn type honey, carrot, copper, golden, bronze and chocolate hair shades are favorable. All the colors need to be warm and mild, that will emphasize the natural softness of the autumn type. 

Autumn type

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