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What to expect during and after breast augmentation

Breast augmentationWhen it comes to cosmetic surgery, breast enlargement or augmentation is surely the most common types. The procedure is carried out on women who have lost some volume after breastfeeding. But the major reason for most women is to help enlarge the breast size of women who consider theirs to be considerably small. It surely improves the confidence of women who undergo the procedure.

Breast augmentation

Basically, breast augmentation Dubai involves the infusion of breast implants to make the breast bigger and firmer. Patients can select either the saline or silicon breast implant, which is placed below or above their chest muscle.

In Dubai, the most common procedure for breast augmentation is what is known as “Dual Plane”. In this procedure, a section of the implant is placed above the breast muscle while another section is placed under. Patients who want their breast to look more natural should seriously consider this procedure. It yields the best result for those looking for the most natural result.

How does it work?

First, the surgeon analyses the health condition of the patient. They look at the patient’s body anatomy, expected implant size, and the desire of the patients to undergo the surgery. Before they begin any breast augmentation procedure, they have to make sure there are very little risk factors. Then they decide which type of implant will be best for the patient.

Who is qualified to undergo breast augmentation?

Expectations after surgeryBreast augmentation is not for everyone that wants it. To be an ideal candidate for this type of surgery, you need to certify certain health conditions. Breastfeeding or pregnant women are not allowed to undergo the surgery. Again, the ideal candidate must not have any ailment that prevents wound healing. Thos who have lost breast volume or whose breasts are naturally small can undergo the procedure as long as they are healthy.

However, before any breast augmentation technique is performed, the surgeon usually makes sure the patient is very confident of positive outcomes. This will help in the recovery process.

Expectations after surgery

Breast augmentation surgery generally lasts for about an hour. After the surgery, the patient is usually dressed with a post-operative surgical garment. The patient can go home within hours of the surgical procedure.

However, there is some post-operative care the patient should take after the surgery. They need to avoid shower for a period of time. Also, they should not lift heavy objects or place any pressure on their breasts. These are some of the post-operation care patients need to take to have a proper recovery. for more details, you can visit our plastic surgery clinic Dubai.