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Five Reasons Why Luxury Yacht Rentals Are Expensive

You cannot plan a vacation in Dubai Marina without including a yacht cruise. The adventure simply would not be complete without it. There are several yacht charters Dubai Marina, but they are rather pricey. However, this should not deter you from renting one. Luxury yachts, also known as superyachts, are designed to give you the ultimate 5-star cruise experience. They are bigger and better than normal yachts so they are ideal for throwing huge parties, major corporate events, or a nice trip for all your friends and family. The question now is, are luxury yachts really worth the cost? To help make your decision, we have listed out the main reasons why luxury yachts are expensive but should still be rented if you can afford them.



The cost of maintenance is the major reason why luxury yachts are expensive. For such a huge watercraft, the owner will have to spend a lot of money, about 10% of the amount paid for the yacht, on fuel and regular service checks to ensure the yacht is in tip-top shape and ready to sail anywhere, at any time. Before renting a luxury yacht, you have to be prepared to pay part of the maintenance fees.


The smallest size of a luxury yacht is 24metres. This means it can transport a good number of people. You will need a crew to attend to these people and also help keep the yacht in perfect condition and ensure that the guests are safe and comfortable. All the crewmembers assigned to a luxury yacht are experienced hires and will be paid more than regular hires.

Long-Distance Travel

A luxury yacht can travel up to, or even more than, 5000 nautical miles. They can also stay aboard for at least 3 months. Because they are designed for long-distance travel, they are more expensive than regular yachts. Besides the obvious fact that a lot of fuel will be consumed, you also need to pay a higher fee when renting any vehicle or watercraft for long periods of time.

Amenities On Yacht


Of course, you can't pay for a luxury yacht only to just float on the water and enjoy the view. For a real luxury experience, luxury yachts come equipped with the best leisure amenities like jet skis, mini-submarines, swimming pools, and many others. There are a lot of exciting things to do and state-of-the-art facilities that come with luxury yachts.


Expensive things are often synonymous with "class". Luxury yachts are designed specifically for the rich. This is why luxury yacht charters spare no expense in providing the best services for their clients.

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