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Don’t Let Time Limit You: a Safari Will Last for as Long as You are Available

Dubai Desert Tour

If plan to have a short stay in Dubai, this is the perfect way to tour the desert dunes in the city’s outskirts. While the morning desert safari is not as lengthy as the evening or overnight safaris, it is still quite thrilling. You will get to go dune bashing, a short camel ride, and sand boarding. The morning Dubai desert tour starts at around 9 AM and last for about five hours.

What to Expect

Once you get to the city’s outskirts, you will go for about 40 minutes of dune bashing. You will weave through the sand dunes if 4x4 vehicles, which can be quite exciting. Once you are done with the dune driver, you can go sandboarding or opt for a short camel ride. There will also be a photo session where you get to take photos against the desert backdrop. During the trip, the drivers will carry water with them since you can get quite perched. It is also possible to arrange an international breakfast or Emirati breakfast on request.

After the tour is over, you will be dropped off back at your hotel. During the drive, the drivers strive to ensure you are comfortable and have as much fun as possible. They pick the most scenic routes to maximize the thrill of the trip.

The Desert Dune Drive

Morning Desert Safari

One of the most exhilarating ways to enjoy your short stay in Dubai is by driving across the magnificent dunes of Dubai in a 4x4 Land Cruiser. All the vehicles are insured and are driven by experienced and licensed drivers. Food and water are included in the package. If you would like to enjoy a light Emirati break, ensure you inform us beforehand. The trip itinerary is designed to maximize fun. It is set up by examining the traffic in the city and other conditions. This way, there are as few delays as possible. The itinerary can also be tweaked as per your unique needs. The drivers can pick you up from any mall or hotel inside Dubai for the morning desert safari. Additionally, the drivers can come to any residence in Dubai to pick you up.

After the pickup, the drivers set off for the Lahbab desert for a once in a lifetime experience. During the trip, drivers will make a stop in the middle of the desert to let you enjoy the breathtaking view and take photos. You can do many other fun activities during this short trip. They include sandboarding, which works just like snowboarding. As part of the tour, you should make sure you go camel riding. A trip to the desert would simply not be complete without enjoying a camel ride. It has been part of Emirati culture for many generations, and it will help you uniquely connect to the desert.

Do you want to experience what it feels like on the outskirts of Dubai? Take this short morning desert safari to get the full experience. During the Dubai desert tour from Arooha Tours, you will also get to view the breathtaking Dubai skyline.