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List of popular Restaurants in Dubai

Best Restaurants in DubaiIf there is anything you will find in abundance in Dubai, it is restaurants that lets you enjoy the best cuisines around the globe. Dubai has some of the leading restaurants in the region and we are delighted to show you around. If you are looking for the best restaurant in Dubai, they don’t come better than these ones below.

Gallus Rotisserie

This BBQ hub is situated at the center of HBR and DIFC. If you want to enjoy the finest BBQ meals, there is no better option than the Gallus Rotisserie. The restaurant serves you well smoked chicken with beautiful combination of delicious sauces. Moreover, the location of this spot is quite cozy for your dining satisfaction.

The Grand Grill

Grand Grill is located close to the entrance of the Habtoor Grand Hotel at Dubai Marina. It offers a wide range of homemade South African cuisines. The restaurant provides a unique atmosphere for a romantic dinner outing. It is also a place to enjoy wonderful scenery while enjoying the best South African dishes on offer.

If you love South African beverages and wines, you will love this place. There is a plethora of beverages including Savannah Dry, and Castle Lager, plus other South African wines.

Pineapple Express Dubai

DubaidayThis is one of the very best eating places that offer 100% natural and healthy foods on their menu. Their goal is to provide the right type of cuisine for your body with perfect blend of rich foods that nourish the body.

Jean-Georges Dubai

If you are looking for a restaurant that offers different continental dishes at a serene environment, this should be your best pick. It is beautifully designed with white shells, stones, and wood to blend with stylish environment. But the restaurant is not all about style. It has a rich list of beverages, Latin American, and Caribbean dishes on offer for their customers.


The management of this restaurant made it to be as romantic as possible. If you want to take someone on a date, you will need a restaurant with cozy features. That is exactly what L’OLIVO provides. However, the restaurant is not just loved because of its environment. They have wonderful staff and the offer the best cuisines and intercontinental dishes. You will get an abundance of Mediterranean and traditional Italian inspired dishes there. If you want to get you and your partner in a romantic and intimate mood, this is the place to be.

Logma Khaleeji Treats

Logma has two locations in Dubai and it is famous for Emirati treats. If you want to enjoy an Emirati restaurant in Dubai Mall with a fountain view you can book logma.ae now.