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What’s your favourite lip Colour

make-up-dubaiMany of us love lipstick right? Well I obsess over it and I wear it every day like so many others. I just love it. I spend my spare time reading articles, blogs and testing different colours out. As though it’s almost like my full time job. 

I wear more often than not the more unusual colours, like violets, devil blues and bright greens. It’s not often I will wear these jazzy tones to the office or in the public eye. There’s something about these colours that maybe catch the wrong kind of attention. Which yea makes me feel insecure and self-conscious. Taking all the fun out of wearing bright and bold colours.  

So given my fear, I have decided it is time to get over this bizarre worry. So I went on the search for the craziest colours I could find. Hoping to shock the public eye. 

My idea is to wear each colour for a full day to see if a public reaction is gained. 

I started off with trying out a dark black lipstick, I figured this colour would be more difficult to wear in the day time so I might as well start with the hardest. I styled my outfit to match this dark tone. On my first presence with the public on route to work, its’ safe to say I got a cheeky smile from the bus driver but that’s all nothing against the ordinary. 

The next day I wore a purple, blue striking colour, this colour is one of my favourites with a bright white dress. I was ready to visit my favourite restaurant. 

On a crowded train I managed to get a whole seat to myself. This colour definitely sore more reaction than the previous lip stick tone.  

The third colour I decided to experiment with was a bright, light sea coloured blue tone. This is a colour I adore. Let’s see how this goes down with the public. So I was only doing a simple brunch with my girls not sure if that’s appropriate, but anyways. It made quite an impression. 

It was extremely hard for me to get out of the routine of wearing a simple lipstick and wear colours I found intimidating. 

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I will definitely start to wear bolder colours more often.