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Wedding Hairstyle

It is difficult to imagine a carefully thought-out image of a bride without a wedding dress, proper makeup, and, of course, unique wedding hairstyles. The latter does not necessarily have to be super fancy or very complex. It may even be the usual styling made by the professional. All you need is just to give them the necessary thematic solemnity with the help of hair jewelry. Every girl will be able to find a suitable accessory that will blend well with the image of the bride. Wedding Hairstyle With Flower Crown

Popular accessories

  • Veils are a classic and versatile accessory for wedding hairstyle, without which until recently could not imagine a bride. It was considered a charm against the evil eye, a symbol of purity and was an integral part of the attire of the bride at the wedding. Now it became a simple decoration, wedding favor, with it not even mandatory. But most brides don't change tradition and wear a veil for the wedding.
  • Tiaras and crowns - very popular wedding hair accessories that make you look regal and sophisticated. Very often it can be difficult to distinguish the decoration from each other, but it is not so important. The most important thing is the image of the bride, which must match the "character" of these accessories. Most of them fit a wedding dress with a full skirt and elegant corset. Special options can be combined with other types of dresses. If you want to have an unforgettable UAE wedding – call ElegantMoment!

Best Bridal Hairstyle

  • Sometimes a comb can be simple and inconspicuous device for attaching the veil, and sometimes it can become an independent stylish wedding hair accessory that sets the tone for the image. The variety in the design of the combs allows you to use them for decoration of different hairstyles, but most often they are chosen to complement the classic and vintage dresses.
  • Flowers – probably the first hair jewelry for wedding that you can imagine. Many girls since ancient times adorned their tresses with fresh flowers from the fields or flower beds even without a special occasion. Flowers can adorn any wedding hairstyle of the bride. Even when choosing a particular color of flower, you can create a romantic, passionate or exotic image of the bride.

If the bride does not want to constantly worry about the condition of the flowers in her hair, instead of live plants you can use modern artificial flowers, which are sometimes difficult to distinguish from the living ones. To pin flowers in your hair, you can use thin wire on the stem of the flower or other devices.