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Types of luxury massages

Luxurious Massages in Dubai

Due to the infrastructure, demand for indoor possibilities in UAE is higher than any other countries. Massages, with its most significant health benefits increased the number of resort booking in Dubai.

Luxury massage Dubai has been identified as the most common words which tourists use in search engines. Dubai resorts give the world’s best luxury massage therapist making your holiday healthy and stimulating.

The seven high-class Spa services provided by prime spa centers in Dubai are


Hot stones Massage involves smooth, heated stones on specific points and holding stones while massaging. The weight of warm rocks has the power to relax muscles, allowing the therapists to give deeper massage comfortably.


Couple massages reconnect with the partner genuinely. Couples often busy, finding little time for being together. If you are looking for a sensible way to spend time with your partner, couple massage is a brilliant option. Couple massage increases the feeling of affection, encouraging the bonding, and a relaxing life together.


During the four-hand massage session, therapists fluctuate the movements from harder to slower to faster in specific areas, allowing the body to get synchronized along with multiple benefits.


In addition to the glow and nourished skin, facial massages can reduce the stress, increasing facial circulations, cleansing toxins and impurities.
Facial massages can relieve headaches and sinus congestions.


Deep tissue foot massage is highly recommended for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis. It focuses on muscle tissues deep in the heel. Therapists follow the muscle fibers by applying pressures to release tensions.


AdelenaspaAromatherapy is one of the most effective types of massage that can ease and balance emotions and stress. This therapy can reduce anxiety and heave energy level. Increases immune system and reduce a headache.


Lomi Lomi is holistic massage therapy which traditionally done by Island healers. It increases circulation and immune system. Increases range of motion and flexibility.


Swedish massage increases the level of oxygen in the blood, decreases the muscle toxins, reduces stress and improves blood circulation.

Massage therapy is one among the expensive care you can gift to yourself for this vacation. The assistance of skilled therapists is essential. Well, expertise therapists can guide you throughout your journey maintaining a healthy bonding with your body.

Source: eurospa.ae