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Top 5 tips for you to design a magical wedding invite

It is easy to print wedding invitations in Dubai but choosing an appropriate one for the occasion could be a little confusing.

  • Print wedding invitations DubaiIf your wedding has a theme, then the wedding card should reflect that right off the bat. Suppose you are having a destination wedding on a sunny beach, your wedding card can have fun, colorful motifs- even floral ones for a more pastel approach. However, if your wedding is of a more formal type, then you might want to go for designs and fonts that are a bit more traditional and classier.
  • You can skip the envelopes completely, but if you do decide to use any, make sure the color of the envelopes match and fit in with the colors of your wedding card itself. Also, the envelope should ideally be of thicker material than the card, so that the design does not look embossed on the inside of the envelope.
  • The message on your wedding card should be worded properly. Again, this depends upon the type of wedding you are going for. If you are planning an informal, casual, all-friends destination wedding, you could write a fun, casual message on the invite. But if the wedding is of the formal type, the invite should be of a more formal, traditional type, with proper information and font. There is a certain rule, and order that needs to be followed for formal invites, so you might want to stick to that for your formal invites.
  • Colorlines WeddingDon’t compromise with visibility for the sake of design. In other words, choose a layout that is unique, but can also accommodate all the information on the card easily, so that your guests don’t have to squint and figure out what is written on the card. Place all the important information- the venue, time of reception, who to RSVP etc- on a section of the card that cannot be missed.
  • Once you have decided on the message and layout, be sure to preview the invite before you send it for printing. Be sure to check for spelling errors, spacing, layout errors. Get your parents to approve of the layout, and have them check things as well to make sure that no names have been misspelled on the card. If changes are made, give the card one final check before you send it to the printers.