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Luxury Spa treatments

Luxurious Spa Treatments

Living in Dubai or visiting it; you must be aware that UAE is a big market for spa and massage centers. We know that life in Dubai can be very hectic due to the competition factor and the fast life. The individuals seldom take care of themselves and don’t get enough rest due to the amount of work in this international city of Dubai.

The untiring long laborious days and short night sleeps means not enough rest and relaxation. This can sometimes take its toll on human body and can result in headaches, migraines, knee pain, insomnia, anxiety and depression, blood pressure issues and many more.

Luxury Spa treatments

The solution to all these problems is getting yourself treated with a luxury massage Dubai, as it will not only help you in the health issues mentioned above but will also let you enjoy the different serene, soothing touches and rubbing techniques.

Below are some of the blissful spa treatments that promise you to take into a land of fantasy and are worth every penny.

Water Shiatsu

This aquatic treatment will make you feel like a toddler and the therapist will treat you extremely gently in the pool. Then comes the time of gentle stretching of the body and at the same time acupressure will be applied by the therapist.

This technique helps you get rid of tension and body tightness through a well thought out body positioning. The stretching will make sure that the blood reaches every corner of the body.

Cora Spa

Turkish Hammam Rub and Scrub

As the name suggests, this technique is inspired from the ancient Turkish hammams. This technique is targeted towards the skin and the whole-body benefits from it through a combination of European and ancient eastern touches.

It starts from you being bathed with pure coconut milk. Now comes the stretching part on a heated marble bed. This lets your body exfoliate from top to bottom. We won’t say that you are going to enjoy it but, we will ask you to try it and you will experience a feeling like never before.

The awakening moon

The awakening moon technique has its roots in the Latin America and its main aim is to revitalize the human senses. The therapist will initiate the process by giving you a seaweed-eucalyptus salt scrub and then apply the seaweed wrap.

The awakening moon is meant for stimulating the human mind and body and finishes with a herb-infused chili oil massage.