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Heart healthy Diet

We need to accept that there is no magic pill that can cure any heart disease or keep us safe from heart attack. However, there are a number of things that promise a sound heart health if we make changes to them.

These things include our lifestyle, diet, attitude towards disease and our thinking patterns. A better lifestyle means a healthy life. All the things mentioned open new doors of health and wellbeing for us.

Heart healthy Diet

Fruits and vegetables

Heart healthy dietYou must have heard the famous saying “you are what you eat”. According to the American Heart Association, if you are looking to be healthy and want to stay away from heart diseases, you need to consume lots of fruits and vegetables. If you are consuming canned or frozen natural items you need to ensure that they aren’t high in calories and there isn’t any added sugar or salts.

Fiber rich foods

For patients suffering from any kind of cardiac diseases, all the physicians serving in government hospitals or private clinics in Dubai suggest whole grain foods as they are rich in fiber. Fiber rich food items include whole wheat, oats, barley, quinoa, buckwheat and brown rice.

Poultry items

Medical researches’ have found that eating fish twice a week is linked to good heart health. Mostly fish contain large quantities of omega-3 fatty acids. While preparing fish it must be made sure that no saturated or trans fats are added.

Dairy products

Dairy productsYou should always go for skimmed and low fat dairy products if you want your heart to be in good health. Raw milk, cream and butter are known to be high in fats and hence they should be cut down and should not be consumed.

Also you need to avoid foods that contain hydrogenated vegetable oils to lower the quantity of trans fat in the diet. These foods include margarine, fried foods like French fries and baked goods etc.

Cut back on alcohol

Reduce or refrain from using beverages and foods items that contain added sugars. If you use alcoholic drinks, stop using them right away. If you can’t, then be moderate. If you are women you can only gulp down one drink and no more. While for men, you are not allowed to consume more than 2 glasses.


If you are a cardiac patient then you need to be choosy about what you intake. Doctors suggest that you should eat foods that have less amounts of sodium. Also, you need to keep your bad cholesterol in control and be in touch with your medical specialist so if any problem persists, you are able to nip it before it it’s too late.