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Different types of Arabic perfumes in Dubai

Best Arabic Perfumes in Dubai

Dubai is certainly one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world. And perfume is a major shopping a gender for most people who visit the plethora of shopping malls in the city. Arabic perfumes have unique appeal and fragrance, which makes them in high demand. But with a wide range of perfumes having different types of fragrances, it becomes a big ask to select the perfect one for your style. If you are in a state of dilemma on the type of Arabic perfume to buy in Dubai, this content is just right for you. Below are the best Arabic perfumes in Dubai, based on their rich fragrance and popular demand.

Different types of Arabic perfumes in Dubai

Lootah Perfumes

Arabic perfumes lootahLootah is a leading Perfume giant in the UAE with more than 3 decades of producing the finest quality French and Arabic perfumes, incense, and fragrant for the stylish individuals. The fragrance collection of Lootah includes Bulgarian Roses, and French roses, musk, Cedar wood, Saffron, as well as Asian Oudh. With the plethora of fragrance options for its different perfumes on offer, you will certainly find one that meets your style.

Swiss Arabia

Swiss Arabia has a rich blend of Saffron and Oud, combined with a slight touch of musk. It’s the first company that started manufacturing perfumes in UAE. Over the years, the brand has produced some of the best fragrances for perfumes in Dubai. It’s scent comes from blends of Turkish rose, Amber, Agar Wood, as well as sandalwood.

Yas Perfumes

This one is based in UAE and knows exactly what residents and visitors want. It also has its root from a royal family, which explains the rich fragrance of French and Arabian blend. If you are looking for something from a mixed blend of different cultures, Yas perfumes have a lot on offer.  They come with scents like violet, cedar, chili, agar wood, and red musk.

The Fragrance kitchen

The fragrance kitchenThis brand has really lived up to its name. This multiple award winning brand has a royal heritage. It was actually founded by the nephew to Emir of Kuwait, HRH Sheikh Al Sabah. As someone who was involved in the successes of renowned brands like Tom Ford and Yves Saint Lauren, you should expect nothing less than luxury. And surely, the TFK brand does not disappoint.

Hind Al Oud

This brand of perfumes makes use of unique elements for their fragrance such as almond, cyclamen, bergamot, and patchouli. And if you love to smell different and peculiar, that’s exactly what this brand offers. They try to make perfumes that don’t cut across any other brand when it comes to fragrance.


If luxury is one of the most important things you value in a perfume, you will love this musk and oud – based perfume. Rasasi is a known brand and needs no introduction if you are a love of rich quality perfume fragrance. It has its origin from Europe but has the fragrance of the world’s renowned Arabian perfumes. This brand makes use of citrus, leather, and floral aroma as constants in the perfume. Although the brand has been around for more than 3 decades, it has continued to produce premium quality perfumes with highly likable fragrances peculiar to people from other regions of the world.

Other honorable mentions include Khaltat, Ajmal Arabic, Ne’emah, Micallef, and Amouage perfumes.

Source: www.lootahperfumes.com