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Basic Hair Care Rules

Unfortunately, hair without problems is rare. Oily hair has a characteristic dull luster, after a short time after washing they stick together and begin to seem dirty, unkempt. Oiliness of hair depends on the activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp, which, in turn, is a purely personal and laid genetically. To some extent, the amount of produced sebum depends on the type of food and amount of consumed dietary carbohydrates (primarily) and fats.

3 Hair Care Tips

Dry hair reflects light badly, causing them to look dull, without gloss. They are easily torn, confused, difficult to comb, whipped at the ends. Often, dry hair is the result of improper care, rather than the consequence of the decreased activity of sebaceous glands. Beautiful hair is not the only think you should care about! If you are interested in bridal makeup in Dubai – call us.

Hair of the mixed type is usually long — greasy at the roots and dry at the ends because they are not lubricated with grease over its entire length. The ends of this hair type, do not receive the necessary lubrication and they are often flogged. They need a combined treatment using a variety of special funds and adjusted diet.

  • What is the right hair care? From the whole range of procedures for hair care washing is the most important one, since it fulfils both hygienic and cosmetic purposes. For healthy hair, not damaged or depleted, correct and timely washing is minimally adequate treatment.
  • Question about frequency of washing is solved purely individual: from daily hair washing to 1 time in 8-10 days. The rule here is — you need to wash your hair as often as you need it. For those who daily uses styling products (gels, mousses, varnishes), it is recommended to wash your hair every day, because these means aggravate hair that badly affects their quality. For daily cleaning, use a soft shampoo, specially designed for this purpose.
  • It is not recommended to wash your hair with too hot or too cold water: the optimal water temperature of 35 ºc and 45 ºc. The oilier the hair, the cooler should be the water. Also, do not apply shampoo to dry hair: you first need to wet your hair with water, then pour in the palm a little bit of shampoo and slowly and gently rub it into the scalp and hair. Lather your hair at least twice: this is because when you first shampooing with hair is removed only part of the dirt, dust and sebum, and the therapeutic effect of shampoo comes only in its secondary application. Do not forget that after you use shampoo - wash your hair thoroughly with water, avoiding the surface remained the elements of detergents.