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5 Tips in Maintaining Nail Extensions

Maintaining Nail Extensions

Many women like having beautiful nail extensions and also prefer to get them permanently for over a time. Due to so many reasons including working in the kitchen, doing laundry, or performing office work can make your natural nails brittle and susceptible to tear.

Here are a few things suggested by the best nail spa, NBoutique to keep your nail extensions long lasting.

1. Shape to Select

Fingernails or toenails which are pointed are recognized to lift up and come off easier than circular, rounded, or square nails. Start having them a couple of days to get accustomed to them and you'll be able to go much longer if desired. For the shiner look and reduce the sharpness of fingernails or toenails, try the almond oil hand creams.

2. Keep an Eye on maintenance

Ensure you are receiving regular backfills. Going every fourteen days is advisable. Don't wait until your nail come off.


3. Avoid Getting the Extensions Removed

When I first began getting acrylics done, I thought I had a need to have them removed and a fresh collection applied every three or four 4 backfills. This resulted in my fingernails or toenails getting much weaker and I had developed a lot that could break or lift up off.

While I used to have them removed several times, many females would just slip something underneath and draw them off (it certainly harm!). Each and every time you rip off a toenail, a covering of our natural toenail should come off along with it indicating they'll keep getting thinner.

Within the last 3-4 months, I've only been getting backfills and haven't experienced any break whatsoever. My natural underneath the extensions have become stronger, providing the acrylic an improved support for an extended time.

4. Protect Them Whenever You Can

Wear gloves whenever you can if you will have the hands submerged in drinking water for long periods of time. Also, when you can be sure you quickly dry out underneath your fingernails after washing the hands, this can help stop water raising the acrylic from your toenail.

5. Design

Opt for gel color rather than regular polish. I came across regular polish would commence to look flat and wear off of the tips, therefore, I switched to gel nail paints shade instead (i.e G'Lish or Shellac). This implies it stays ultra shiny for the entire fourteen days and there is nominal wear on the ends.